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Salmiakki Manifesto – Finnish design with a twist

Salmiakki Manifesto is a design brand devoted on revealing the drama behind Salmiakki and transferring it into design with an edge. Our products, mainly jewellery and accessories, are made of high quality materials, such as Finnish wood, leather and silver and they have the same sharp and sour look as the Salmiakki that they represent. Our design items are designed and produced right here in Finland – the promised land of Salmiakki. All Salmiakki Manifesto design items include a small taste of the odd black candy, traditional Finnish Salmiakki. Designer: Virpi Vainio.

What is Salmiakki?

Salmiakki, also known as salmiak or salty liquorice, is a liquorice flavored candy with ammonium chloride. It’s especially common in Nordic countries, and the first texts about Finnish Salmiakki were written in 1839. At first it was used as a medicine, but by the 1930’s it was being produced in Finland as confectionery.

However, Salmiakki has become the national candy for Finland. Without a doubt, the dark black mysterious sweet is a concept that most Finns can relate to. The taste of Salmiakki is both, salty and sweet, at the same time so Salmiakki sweets definitely are treats for an acquired taste.♦